Retro-Review: Hunter Killer #0 Jan. 2005

Has it really been five years since this comic was released? For today’s retro-review, the bin has dug up our copy of “Hunter Killer” #0.  I’ve decided that from now on, every week we will go down memory lane as I pluck a book out of my own personal stash and do a retro style review, like they do in CBG. That’s Comic Book Buyer’s Guide for all you noobs out there.

The introductory comic book by the team of writer Mark Waid and superstar artist Marc Silvestri was offered by Top Cow for a mere 25 cents. I picked up my copy at Wizard World Los Angeles a few years back and liked the comic so much, I put it in my list of the year’s best. It was a heck of a story. Super-humans walk among us. Known only to a select few, these “Ultra-Sapiens”are a genetic super-race living in secret; walking weapons of mass destruction who must constantly be monitored and policed to ensure the safety of Planet Earth. When one of these super-humans goes rogue, upsetting the balance of world power; only one group can stand up to them in order to save us all: The Hunter Killers.

This was a heck of a premise, plus I had always been a sucker for Marc Silvestri artwork, way back from the days when he was pencilling Uncanny X-Men. For an introductory 12 page story, the creators gave us enough hints and a good taste of what was to come. A dossier soon followed, but our first glimpse of the Hunter Killers came in this quarter priced comic.

In this issue, Wolf beats Sam and her strike team to the rogue ultra-sapian named Cathy Cthulu and slays her before she can disclose the location of other rogue ultra-sapiens.  The reader also gets his/her first look at the comic’s main protagonist, Ellis, who is sequestered at his parent’s place in Montana.

If one loves paranoid books about conspiracies and world conquest, this is the book to read. It was born from the simple premise, what if the arms race involved living weapons, super-humans instead of mere guns and bombs? “Marc Silvestri and I were pretty much on the same page from the start, and that page was from the daily paper. Marc and I both have matching concerns over the increasing ability-and willingness-by Those in Power to manipulate us; to run about the planet engaging in the sour of grand conspiracies and corporate lies that, sadly, frame the world we live in today,” wrote Waid in the book’s prose epilogue.

cheapest bin pricing: a sketch 2004 variant covered copy was detected at Amazon for a mere 99 cents plus shipping. What a deal! I’m sure physical comic book retailers could have it in stock for less. With a little detective work, you can get your hands on it for cheap.


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