The $5 comic book

Are comic books getting too expensive?

That was the topic posted in this forum

The cover to this week's Avengers #4 priced at $3.99 by Marvel Comics

That was back in 2008. In my old blog I posted at some point that we were not too far from a $5 comic book and Marvel has almost made it a reality. I single out Marvel for the sole reason that their moves (pricing changes included) usually dictate what DC and the rest of the industry do.

Case in point is a cursory look at this week’s new releases list. I compared offerings by the “big two” eliminating, of course, trades and collected editions for obvious reasons.

It seemed to me that Marvel’s books were more expensive than DCs. Whenever I stopped by the store, DC still managed to carry some all ages books which priced at $2.50 were at least cheaper than those aimed for the adult readership. Getting back to my non-scientific comparison of the big two, DC offers more $2.99 books than Marvel (although just barely) with DC offering 10 books at this price to Marvel’s eight.

Now granted, this slight disparity will probably fluctuate over the coming weeks, and Marvel’s list of new releases was bigger than DC’s this week, but now that the $3.99 price tag seems to be reserved for the premium books like “Amazing Spider-Man” and even “Action Comics,” it’s not hard to imagine that a one dollar increase would be in the future, making the single individual comic book a whopping $5.00. That may not seem like a lot, until you do the math and consider that would mean $50 per week if your pull list is 10 titles  and $200 monthly. At a minimal, if your list is a modest 5 titles, that would come out to $100 monthly. The question remains, can the industry continue to sustain itself at these rates in a weaker economy? I found an interesting article from about this very topic and this was back in 2008 before the price increases right around the time the economy was going in the crapper.

Personally, I only purchase the occasional trade now and my pull list has shrunk to one title from each of the major publishers and the occasional indie, hence the focus of this blog (finding deals on comics) What about the rest of you??


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