Steve Rogers Super Soldier #2

The cover to Amalgam Comics' Super Soldier #1, wonder if the house of ideas was looking to this for inspiration to Steve Rogers' new duds??

I almost feel guilty including this comic from the house of ideas in the bin, except my discount offset some of the $3.99 cover price, just barely making the cutoff point for inclusion.

I went to F&S yesterday and spent part of a pleasant afternoon eating cheap junk food and scouring for cheap comics, as it is my periodic habit. Truth be told, the selection in the back issue bins was pretty atrocious (no specific gems jumped out at me) and ridiculously priced at $2.

$2 for individual back issues? That’s no deal.

The trade racks had much better deals with quality stuff like Superman vs. Doomsday trades, IDW books and other goodies and I will certainly go back to pick up a few. Among the copies I did get, I ended up picking up Steve Rogers Super Soldier #2 of 4 and was glad to do so. This comic by Brubaker and Eaglesham with art by Troy features Steve Rogers investigating what happens when professor Erskine, grandson to the original, is rumored to have developed a super-soldier formula of his own. Rogers is afraid that it will land in the wrong hands and be sold in the black market, so naturally he has to prevent this from happening.

I enjoyed Brubaker’s writing immensely on the Captain America title, he obviously has translated his love for the character and his inventive storytelling style to this limited series. I also like to read different takes on Captain America which is why I enjoyed the Captain America-Superman Hybrid from the old Amalgan comics back in the day. (compare that uniform with the current one for Steve Rogers Super Soldier #2 and you see some similarities.)

Steve Rogers Super Soldier #2

Steve Rogers Super Soldier #2 by Marvel comics image courtesy of IGN

Brubaker makes good use of the old cliffhangers, and this issue ends with a doozy. Doozie? I don’t know how to spell that word. At any rate, I would recommend picking up a copy of issue 3 when it hits the stands this September, the cover art by Carlos Pacheco, Tim Townsend and Frank D’Armata was a good set up for the interior illustrations which preserved the film noirish elements of the Brubaker Captain America run, and the writing is suspenseful, clever and interesting.


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