Aunty Emma seducing Namor?

You gotta hand it to Emma Frost. She really gets around. In 22 pages of story that constitute Uncanny X-Men #527, she has a meal with Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man) and dinner with Prince Namor of Atlantis, all while pontificating on her tumultuous relationship with Scott . Oh Matt Fraction, what a weird and twisted X-tale you spin these days. Following Bastion’s recent attacks, the X-Men seem to be regrouping, or at least what passes for regrouping in these post apocolyptic days, at their secret Utopia island.

Like the master of magnetism a few months back, t was only a matter of time before I returned to the fold, catching up on the adventures of Marvel’s merry mutants. Back in the day, I would not miss a single issue of Uncanny, but the Emma Frost I remembered was classy, conniving and methodical, the characterization seems strikingly off. For one, she seems to be more verbally abusive and short tempered than I remember her. She is really condescending in a scene between Colossus and Kitty Pride.

Speaking of Kitty Pride, ever since she was rescued from the bullet hurling through space, she hasn’t really been used much, so it will be interesting to see how they reintroduce her back into the X-Men fold.

The activation of the new “mutant five’s” powers was only mildly interesting reading to me, I guess they have to give Hope Summers an integral role in the comic, being the Messiah child and all, but I found the more quiet scenes to be of more significance. Scott talking to Logan at the bar, for example, though brief, was reminiscent of the tiny interludes which had become a staple of this comic book for so long. Logan is tough, he isn’t letting on his feelings about Kurt’s death, but his stoicism masks a concern for Scott, which is a nice bit of character development. Is he really concerned about Scott’s emotional state of being, or is he more concerned about his leadership abilities following all that’s transpired of late?

The scene with Namor and Emma did bug me. It was hard to focus on their discussion when they both sat down to sushi. Some one correct me if I’m wrong but don’t the surface dwellers kill all kinds of ocean creatures like Sharks for culinary purposes?

It seems a little out of character for the King of Atlantis  to be consuming sushi. The artwork in this comic was decent, Kirk and Portacio make a good collaboration, but I didn’t like the cover. Namor looks a bit too buff and his ears don’t look right, he resembles a Vulcan!

Also, the cover makes it seem as though they are about to hook up, when in reality she calls him a “brat” during the story. Overall this was a good read, but a little jumbled. At $3.99 the bin cannot in good conscience recommend this Marvel comic, unless you can pick it at a discount like I did.


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