Retro-review (sort of) ASM #36

Sorry for the long break without a post comic book fans. It really has been a busy transition from summer to fall. In addition to finishing up my radio internship at KPFK, I have been covering prep games for the SGVTribune.
Today is the anniversary of 9-11 and I know each and everyone of you remembers the exact moment you heard about or watched the attack on the twin towers.
As a sort of “retro-review” I wanted to look back and spotlight a special moment in the life of everyone’s favorite webcrawler.

You see, Spidey and 9-11 have a special connection because Spider-Man is not only the everyday hero, but the original New York superhero. While fictional heroes had lived in big sprawling metropolitan cities like Gotham and Metropolis before, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko decided to set Spidey’s adventures in their home town of New York City.

Amazing SpiderMan vol. 2 #36

Spidey surveys the damage from ASM Vol.2 #36 courtesy of

I will let my good friends from explain the rest. I can’t begin to do as good a job of detailing the Spidey 9-11 connection, and writer J. Michael Straczynski’s involvement in producing that story,  than they already have. I will be back with reviews and ruminations of more cheap and recent comics in the coming days. As Stan would say, excelsior!!


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