Power Girl 19 flat on delivery

Power Girl 19 one sucky comic book

Power girl 19 as written by Winick

It’s a new year and the bin is back. I know you all have been hungering for more comic book reviews and news, but somehow life has interfered again! No more! And for the last time!! Let’s start this year off right and deliver more analysis of our multi-colored fantasies straight off the racks.

Speaking of racks, Power Girl has always had one of the more iconic in all of comics, but if that was the only thing that made her popular, she’d be as flat as the paper her books are printed on… characterization-wise that is, err, well there was no pun intended there honest.

First of all, the cover to this issue makes little sense to me, a generation found? As far as I can tell it’s in reference to the fact that Power girl’s book is written by Judd Winick, the same guy who also writes JL:Generation Lost. I’ve never read that book, but if it’s as bad as this one was, it might be a good thing. Seriously the book begins with a flash-back to a time when Power Girl fought along members of the Justice League International which at the time was run by Maxwell Lord.

You all remember Lord right? Well if you read comics at all, you will recall that Wonder woman snapped his neck, soon after Lord had committed various atrocious crimes including killing off Ted Kord. This book refers to Kord as “the original Blue Beetle” except I’m pretty sure he wasn’t. There was a Blue Beetle running around as far back as the 40s, before Kord, but for DC’s continuity, maybe all things BB start off with Kord.

At any rate, it seems Lord has been busy mind-wiping all the heroes’ memories since the events of Infinite Crisis, or whatever the heck the last DC Crisis was called. She remembers about Lord shooting Blue Beetle, she recalls Wonder Woman snapping his neck, only soon she, along with the rest of the Justice Society and even Batman forget these critical events. Seems Lord has wiped their memories of it all.

There’s a third sequence in the book that deals with an amnesic Power Girl searching for Divine, when she gets a clue that she may be hiding out in Vietnam (a random hideout if there ever was one) but instead of Divine, she finds…well, I won’t tell you what she finds, because that would be spoiling the only surprise that is included in this very forgettable comic.

Also, if the cover refers to the book’s opening flashback, when Power Girl was running with Fire, Ice, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, how come it’s not Ted Kord in the cover but the new Blue Beetle? The current one, that Hispanic kid from Texas…..this book is giving me a headache. Would have been better off spending the $3 at happy hour, on a large burrito, or just about anything else. I give it 2.5 stars out of 5 but only because the artwork by Sami Basri saves it from being completely atrocious, but just barely.



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