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IDW re-imagines Dungeons and Dragons.

Welcome back comic book bargain hunters. For this blog’s initial offering, I tracked down last week’s release of D&D #0 from IDW. IDW normally publishes awesome monster themed comics, so a $1 intro to their new series set in the D&D world was a no-brainer.

I love fantasy genre stuff, but Lord of the Rings and other fantasy properties owe a lot to the late Gary Gygax and to the folks responsible for D&D. Tolkien may have predated D&D, but it was the RPGs that popularized the genre and brought it to the forefront of pop culture. Back in the 80s, DC comics printed a 36 issue run of comics based on AD&D, and most recently, Devil’s Due was publishing some adaptations of D&D prose novels.

Now we have a new series set in Fallcrest, a small town built upon the ruins of a large city. The comic book sheds light on the ongoing series’ protagonists. According to writer John Rogers, Fell’s Five is a ragtag group of troubleshooters and adventurers led by accidental hero Adric Fell. Their initial 10-page adventure has them in the middle of an dungeon crawl  where they are soon fighting monsters and bandits. I really enjoyed the feel of this book which does a good job of capturing the look and aesthetics inherent in D&D’s fantasy settings.

For an introductory comic, this issue is good. It has a nice cover and glossy pages. The interior artwork by penciler Andrea Di Vito is crisp and does a nice job of portraying the “party.” of adventurers. The dialogue also captures the feel of the group rather nicely.

Additionally, there is also a back-story introducing a supplemental comic book to be released in January set in the “Dark Sun” campaign setting. Even though there are only 17 pages of actual storyline, as opposed to the regular 22 in most comics, there are also pages with sketches and a Q&A with the creators. For a $1 comic, what else can one expect? I was more than satisfied with this volume and may check out the ongoing when it gets published in November.

For those interested in finding more here’s a link to an interview with D&D comic editor Denton Tipton from Wizards of the Coast.


Comics are expensive

The one thing we can all probably agree on is that comic books are expensive. With publishers like Marvel and DC and even Dark Horse offering their premium books at an average price of $3.99  per issue, the thrifty or economic buyer has to watch what they spend or be more selective in their purchases.

This is what this blog is all about, finding deals in a crowded comic book market. Let’s face it, how many times have we been excited about a specific title coming out only to be let down by the eventual book, or have felt “ripped off” by a specific creative team or project which at first promises to be good, but in the end leaves us feeling unsatisfied or even disappointed.

So tune back and read about deals, reviews and any goodies I can scour from the one dollar bin.