Quick Hit

My old blog, some of you that read it, used to contain a “quick hit” section which was reserved for comics I stumbled upon which may not have been as timely as the regular reviews o n the blog (generally reviewed within 10 to 14 days after release date) special editions, or whatever else fit into this category that I wanted to write about. It was sort of a “catch all” or a page for little mini reviews of oddities and what not.

I have decided to revive that section on this blog and I will start with ” ‘Comic Book’ Guy The Comic Book” #2 by Bongo Comics  This is a highly enjoyable and witty Simpsons series by Ian Boothy and by John Delaney. What I love most about Matt Groening, besides his incredible wit, is his obvious love of comics and their history. Whenever I buy Bongo Comics, it’s usually to marvel at this aspect, not to mention I usually get a chuckle out of them.

I have to preface this post with a caveat, the first issue of this series was 31 pages in length, not including 3 awesome “inside covers” parodying iconic comic book covers. Therefore, the hefty $3.99 cover price is just a bit outside the range of the one dollar bin’s usual offerings. However, the reader gets a lot of bang for the buck. The book’s cover is a parody of Fantastic Four #1 with comic book guy substituting as the monster coming out of the cracked pavement. There’s also a parody of Superman #75 (The Death of Superman), and one of Crisis  On Infinite Earths #7 (The Death of Supergirl)

The comic book guy is dead on every cover. Brilliant! Issue #2 has a cover parodying modern comic book deaths, notably Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer. The story within is pretty funny, picking up with Comic book guy’s funeral. The artwork, as usual is enhanced by Nathan Hamill’s colors. Colorists are really the unsung heroes of the comic book world, so I am giving him his props. The book’s glossy pages add to the enjoyment and at $2.99, this is still a pretty decently priced comic. Go hunt it down.


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